Digital Management
Say goodbye to paper-based bookkeeping, all online operations, clear billing details
Flexible collection channels
Support payroll card, WeChat, paypal
Full cashless contact
Closing the financial security loophole
Traditional offline advance
long advance time
Offline application process
Offline queue to find a resident factory
Fill out the advance request
Waiting for financial review and payment
Large amount of cash disbursed offline, slow manual review
End-of-month payroll reconciliation is troublesome and funds are at risk of security
GongWuYuan online advance
Short advance time
Employee helper applets request an advance
Resident Factory/Financial Back Office Audit
Multi-channel release of advances
Full cashless contact One Click Review,Online lending
Intelligent Statistics,Direct Reconciliation Security of Funds,Controllable risk

Payroll advance in 3 easy steps

Employee Application
In-plant approval
Financial Release

Product Advantages

Digital bookkeeping, control of enterprise big data, employment risk avoidance, improve employee satisfaction with the company
Resident factory
Real-time approval, no cash contact throughout, intelligent statistics
The employee
Simple operation, no queuing, fast release, multiple collection methods available
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