According to statistics, one of the important factors of high turnover of temporary workers is the lack of money for long hours of employees, and the daily pay system is a product developed in response to this demand of employees. Daily payroll is conducted through daily employee attendance, with final payroll at the end of the month. Based on actual tests, employees who move frequently after using daily pay have a 50%+ reduction in turnover.
Flexible time and attendance settings
Employers can set a variety of attendance settings according to the actual situation and have full autonomy.
Automatic payroll is possible
By seamlessly integrating with Gongwuyuan payroll system, the system supports automatic payroll for employees who have completed the day's attendance punch.
Convenient employee management
Provide mobile daily payroll management APP, stationed in the factory at any time, anywhere to view attendance audit processing, timely grasp of daily payroll employee dynamics, import (out) employee list convenient management
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