Free subject Create exclusive traffic

Applet Architecture
Better private domain traffic acceptance solution
Self-owned subject
Present only your job postings
Leads to sedimentation
Private domain traffic accumulation, precipitation

Customer Conversion

One Click Authorization
One-click access to user cell phone numbers for quick information collection
Self-directed job search application
Self-registration, or contact a broker
Brokerage follow-up
Brokers contact clients and write follow-up notes

Share Fission

One Click Sharing
Applet / Job Listings / Hot Jobs One Click Share with Friends or Circle of Friends
Invitation to Fission
Invitation activity rewards, increase activity, rapid fission
Customer Attribution
The clients brought by the broker's sharing belong to himself, and the clients brought by his own clients' forwarding/invitation also belong to himself

Customer Sedimentation Management

One shot to the bottom
Management visualization of recruitment progress
Account management
Customer information, job search status can be monitored in the background
Customer Allocation
Automatic allocation mechanism & manual allocation, flexible and convenient
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