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Shenzhen Gongwuyuan Network Technology Co., Ltd. is an Internet company engaged in building a platform for sharing human resources for blue-collar workers, and has independently built the Gongwuyuan platform, which is a human resources sharing platform focused on blue-collar workers, and solves the needs and problems of enterprises, human resources companies and blue-collar job seekers in three parties through an innovative guaranteed transaction model. The traditional recruitment market is not transparent and has no information flow, and black agents are rampant, which brings risks and economic losses to both employers and workers. Gongwuyuan's "cloud single insurance" system provides protection for both sides of the transaction, and with the "intelligent management" function, it empowers enterprises through the platform, enabling both supply and demand to reach cooperation while providing follow-up derivative services, resulting in sustainable and stable revenue.

The project was launched in October 2017, the company was prepared in March 2018, and entered the fast lane of development in 2019. As of mid-June 2022, the number of users of the whole platform has reached 9,000+, and the number of blue-collar job seekers has exceeded 50w+.

At present, the Gongwuyuan platform has developed several products, such as the institutional side APP (Gongwuyuan institutional version), the personal version APP (Gongwuyuan personal version), and the personal job search version applet.

has been refined through years of online business
40 +
Cities covered
4000 +
cooperative labor
0.5 million +
C-side employees
3000 +
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