Daily pay
Improve corporate recruitment competition and reduce employee turnover
Cardless Payroll
Online payroll without a bank card
Mobile Management
Mobile one-stop solution, easy to operate

Daily Payroll


Work Park Daily Checkout System Solution

Traditional Daily Settlement
Difficult to employ day-end workers and heavy management workload
Cash payroll chaos
Dedicated management, one step away
Financial risk
Disorganized accounts, difficult to settle accounts
GongWuyuan Daily Payroll
Management with one smart phone
Cardless payroll
Support Electronic fence
No cash payment
Financial accounts are clear

Product Advantages

Through information technology solutions from the current monthly salary model converted to a daily model, reduce the tedious work of stationed factories, clerks, finance, etc., unified online operation to attract more flexible employment of job seekers.
Expand your business with ease
Improve employee retention
Enhance recruitment capabilities
Improve internal efficiency
No cash needed for more security
Improving financial efficiency
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