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One-stop electronic contract management

Contract Management
Provide contract retrieval, filing and download functions to reduce storage costs and labor costs for contract management
Contract Signing
Real name authentication, online signing, batch signing
Contract Template
Free and quick customization of contract templates to meet various contract needs of enterprises
Legal Services
Certification reports, judicial signatures, online arbitration, attorney services

Legal effect

《Electronic Signature Law of the PRC》
The legality and validity of electronic signatures are clarified.
Article 13
The electronic signature meets the following conditions at the same time
Considered a reliable electronic signature:
(a) Electronic signature creation data used for electronic signature belongs to the electronic
Exclusive to the signatory.
(ii) Signature creation data at the time of signing is controlled only by the electronic signatory.
(iii) Any changes made to the electronic signature after signing can be detected.
(iv) any changes to the content and form of the...
《Contract Law of the PRC》
The written form attribute of the data instrument is recognized.
Article 10
The parties enter into a contract in written form, oral or other forms.
Article 11
Written forms are contracts, letters and data messages
(including telegrams telegram, telex, fax, EDI and e-mail)
etc. can have the form to express the content contained in the form.
《Civil Procedure Law of the PRC》
Electronic data is explicitly included in civil litigation evidence, and the types of electronic data that can be used as evidence in civil litigation are defined in detail.
Article 63
Evidence includes.
(I) the party's statement
(ii) Documentary evidence.
(iii) physical evidence.
(iv) audio-visual materials.
(v) Electronic data.
(vi) witness testimony.
(vii) identification opinion.
(H) the survey transcript.
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